STAR Tangible Benefits

Delivering Accurate, Credible and Timely Information

  • Effective management of service parameters; mileage, time, passenger numbers
  • Reduced need for compliance checks
  • Improved service planning and resource utilisation
  • Increased transparency and accessibility of information for all

Revenue Protection

  • Prevention of unauthorised access/fraud
  • Potential to sell excess seats

Behaviour Control

  • Efficient reporting tools for bullying and misbehaviour reporting
  • Reduced cost of behaviour management and control

Reduced Administration Costs

  • Elimination of repeated production of student travel cards
  • Reduced time spent on answering parent inquiries
  • Reduced time spent on allocation of students to services.
  • Reduced cost of data gathering as well as fare collection

Safety and Security

  • Audited physical driver checks of tyres, lights, etc
  • Greater on-board monitoring e.g. ensuring children depart the bus at the correct stop
  • Ensures that correct children are on the bus and that all have departed at the end of the service
  • Increased perception of safety and security for parents

Service Differentiation

  • “Best in class” transportation system a key differentiator for parents
  • Environmental benefit from a shift from private cars to school bus; reduced traffic & lower carbon footprint